Don’t beat yourself up, kid.

Ok, so, I started this blog then got lost in a billion other things. Like, the fact that I am going to be a Mom for the first time and no matter how much I read up, or how many times I’ve babysat, I really know nothing. And thats a scary thought; hell, that’d be overwhelming for anyone. Oh. One day I’m just big and huge and got cute little movements that I theoretically know and comprehend theres a little baby in my belly, but realistically, have no clue what all that is going to account for. Now, I know I’ll be fine when it comes down to it, panic attacks or not, I’ve got way too much support around me not to.

Now, the original idea was to throw all of that ..overwhelmingness and newness into this blog to grow and connect with other people while just being able to keep track of how things progress and change in my life. To have a collective, partially organized place for my thoughts. But, I have already managed to let myself get behind due to a fear of ..well, not knowing anything  How do I review products or start talking about cloth diapers that I don’t even have a chance to use yet because babygirl isn’t here? But, i have realized /everyone/ starts somewhere. I don’t need to have twelve different types of carseats to compare the one that I have; yes, eventually I would like to be CPS Certified and know about the billion different safety features, but for now, I can tell you that I adore the color and it looked super easy to install. I don’t need to know exactly how absorbent my homemade duiapers are to show you that they’re the cutest damn things ever and I can’t wait for my babygirl to have them on. I don’t need to know everything about everything. I am allowed to start somewhere and damn myself for ever thinking otherwise.

So lets start over.

Hey internet. Not Your Mothers Mom here debuting in blog form about a month before her first babygirl is expected to make an entrance into this world.
A couple things that I’ve been working on and will cover a little more in-depth as time goes on:

– Started using Soapnuts instead of laundry soap (love it)
– Received and installed Combi Coccoro (so adorable)
– Bought a serger
– Making cloth diapers (there are /so/ many different kinds!)
– Received some fluff mail (Diaper Fasteners, wetbag, Diaper Cover)

I am super excited about the diapers; there are so many patterns on-line that are free. Its amazing what a great community there is, especially with WAHMs. And everyone is so damn helpful and encouraging.
Also, does anyone else keep up with the new TV series Revolution? I’m enthralled with the idea behind it and I’m so into all the characters. I’ve had a lot of series that I’ve loved not go past the first season (Surface, anyone? Commander in Chief ), so I’m hoping they keep this one airing for awhile.

Until next time.


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