End of the 4th trimester.

My dearest Sugarbaby,

You are 3 months old today. We have fought with a fussy digestive system where I have personally had to take out gluten, dairy and tomatoes from my diet so you do not scream from pain most nights. But thats ok because you are happier. You smile when you notice Im awake in the morning. The funniest thing to you is when I help you eat your own toes and when Grandma sticks her tongue out at you. You get very frustrated that when you try and sit up (and/or just do baby crunches) it never seems to give you the result you want. But fear not, dear child, you will be there soon enough. Your motor skills will become refined, and you will soon move to anywhere you want to go.

You are both only and already 3 months. You are 1/4th of a year old. You have spent 1/3rd amount of the time that  you were inside me, growing, out here, in “my” world. You are growing like crazy and learning and doing new things that I may not even notice, every single day. New things. When did you start drooling so much? When did you decide it was time to start crunches? How long has it been that you are so restless from growing, that you barely sleep because there is just too much for you to do?

You are asleep on my bed, with white noise playing beside you to drown out my insistent typing. You whimper or blatantly tell stories in your sleep every once in awhile and I sit here to listen, to make sure if you are awake that I respond to whatever need you have. To let you know that I am here.

Everyday starts a new journey with you. Even though we have a general schedule, you are different every day. Will you nap for most of the day tomorrow, or will you be the lightest sleeper in the world? You are ever changing. Ever growing. Hell, I’m quite sure you only spent a week in size 3-6 month clothing. Me and your father, dear child, have already had to put away your 3-6 months clothing, and because of your cloth diapers, I will be bringing out the 9-12 month pants. You are my first child, maybe my only, but my own flesh and blood. Aren’t you supposed to stay smaller, longer? Its as if before I get a chance to take it all in, I am two steps behind all the new things that have been going on. Its ok, sugar, I will live in the moment with you. I will also try to remember to keep my camera and video recorder charged.

I love you, tiny human, and am glad that you seem fond of me as well.


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