Babywearing Tidbit

I came across a post today titled “Why don’t Mexican women wear Rebozos in America??”. And let me just say that the response was unexpected because I apparently forgot to turn my brain on. Babywearers in some cultures are seen as low-class people. The ones who have to wear their babies out of necessity. And of course, a wealthier woman would have much better help (ie, nanny/stroller) than to carry the child herself.

But looking at my reaction, why /would/ I know that? When I first learnt of babywearing, every carrier and device was over $100, and as much as that may not seem like a large amount of money (especially if you’re already in the babywearing community here, the sticker-shock seems to go away with time), for someone who has no income, it is! Of course I would look at the gorgeous wraps that these “low-class” women had and feel jealous. They were carrying their newborn babes in seemingly luxury while they still did what they needed to and here I am, the start of my babywearing career crying at the price of one wrap. So needless to say, starting out, to me, babywearing was not perceived to be of low or poor class citizens. I now know of the massive amount of options and price ranges out there, thankfully, but its always amusing to see the different perceptions from one person or culture to another.


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